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fleeing mugger as an example of a picture that was made so quickly that I only knew that 'something' was happening when I pushed the shutter. I have also written about the blinkers one wears when out on the street shooting a project or subject, the loss of openness to all comers, the way the brain intervenes and you lose that 'mugger catching' instinct.

I recently came across an amusing demonstration of the way the brain misses things when it is engaged in looking for something else, how distracted it becomes by the task, the the cost of general awareness and openness.

2 Responses to “Watching the ball, missing the game.”

  1. JB

    I think this is like what Winogrand referred to in an interview as something along the lines of ‘getting out of himself’ when out shooting.

  2. Pete

    This actually touches on something I recently noticed about my own shooting. There have been a few times recently that, for whatever reason, I’ve been too slow on the draw and have missed some really excellent shots. But rather than get frustrated or annoyed by that, I noticed that I almost get more pleasure out of seeing something amazing and not being able to catch it. I’m not entirely sure what that’s all about, but I think it does help keep the practice of shooting fresh and interesting for me.

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