Reflections on Life

Stephen McLaren. Over the last year he has sent me a growing series of wonderful images made through the windows of city trams in Portugal, Egypt and Eastern Europe, in cities including, Lisbon, Alexandria, Sarajevo, Ukraine and Albania.

Dougie's technique cleverly juxtaposes the interior life of the tram with the architecture and life of the city reflected in the windows. I don't know if he considers himself a street photographer but I consider this work some of the most exciting and original street work I have seen in a long time.

If you are in London you can get a brief glimpse of the project so far in a short exhibition between the 18th and 21st November at The Outside World in Redchurch Street.












10 thoughts on “Reflections on Life”

  1. Honestly I have mixed feelings while watching the pictures. The idea isn’t new and I don’t like the post-processing in lots of pictures. But: Great ideas and eye in some photographs/situations. Overall good pictures on his website. Could be great with less photoshop.

  2. Yes Kay, I’ve mentioned the photoshop to Dougie myself, I think the pictures are really nice without it, I think he is only opening the blacks but it still gives a slightly HDR look that can be a turn off for many of us. I still think some of these are very special and I admire the way he has pursued this simple idea from country to country.

  3. Some of these are wonderful. Very sharp eye. It would be interesting to compare these to how they look straight out of the camera. Curious how much post-processing is involved.

  4. I find it a strong serie. But yeah the processing… it doe not bother that much except for a couple of photographs. And it could have to do with the reflection itself though. Maybe the use of a filter, or some post-processing to get the reflection balanced with the people inside. That can be tricky to get a result with good clarity under some light conditions (e.g. pics 4, 8 & 9). I guess sometimes the straight image needs some contrast boost or whatever, whilst desaturate to avoid to much flashy color.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Compare the fact that post processing is discussed first and then the images. The fact that there is a discussion on the post processing might need to be considered by the photographer. Is it taking away from the images?

  6. Well I know how you all feel about the HDR, but they caught my eye with their composition alone. As for it not being an original idea, ho hum, good pics don’t always have to justify themselves as being original in concept, just creative in execution in my book.

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