2010 Lost and Found

As the year draws to an end, here is a nice example of the diary style of street photography from 2010 by my in-public colleague Melanie Einzig. I interviewed Melanie in New York last month and filmed her shooting on 5th Avenue for my forthcoming documentary about the in-public photographers. It was very apparent that Melanie takes pictures all the time, very much as part of her daily life, she takes notes with the camera almost as a way of remembering.

More of Melanies work here and on the in-public site.

One thought on “2010 Lost and Found”

  1. I like this photographic work, did not know her, thanks to this website, I can know different points of view of the reality of the world around us, and learn a lot from other photographers, this site definitely is a must for me to follow, Greetings and happy new year full of health and many photographs.

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