Paul Trevor’s 1970’s Liverpool

Forgotten in a drawer for 35 years, Paul Trevor’s photographs from Liverpool in the 1970’s show us a different time and a different culture both for Liverpudlians and for photographers to operate in.

Like You’ve Never Been Away is at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool until 25 September 2011

via The Guardian.

2 thoughts on “Paul Trevor’s 1970’s Liverpool”

  1. Pretty sure I saw this guys work featured on the BBC too, interesting to see how things have changed (and some that haven’t) up in Liverpool.

  2. Thanks for posting this insight into what is a stunning body of work and an important social document. It is amazing that it was “forgotten about” and lying in a drawer for 35 years!

    It is sad that the current paranoia about privacy, and more specifically relating to photographing children, will prevent this type of work from being made again in the UK.

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