The Best Street Photograph Ever

The Best Street Photograph Ever is an experiment. I have set up a page that allows you to upload and rank Street Photographs from any Street Photographer made at any time. If enough people take part and the software works as it should, we should slowly see a distillation of the most enjoyed Street Photographs as the most popular rise to the top of the column of images and the less popular slip down the list.

Potentially we are able to compare and contrast street images from across 150 years and see how they are viewed and rated by a contemporary audience, as the rating progresses we may see trends and preferences appearing. Will the top 10 images be colour or black and white? Will they all be recent or vintage? Will they be complex or simple, humorous or tragic?

I anticipate that at the very least this process will result in a fantastic archive of Street Photographs that will be of great value to anyone wishing to understand Street Photography, be inspired and find out what has gone before.

Please help me make this work by taking part here…

The Best Street Photograph Ever

6 thoughts on “The Best Street Photograph Ever”

  1. Hey Eric! upload more Meyerowitz by all means.

    Is it legal… feeling is that this is good for all the photographers involved, it’s totally uncommercial, 779 is a blog without Ads of any kind, everyone is credited and the images are unaltered.

    I certainly hope nobody is upset to see there image included in such fine company.

  2. What a great & inspirational idea. So much discover, such a grand time. Thanks for the pearls & gems!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. this really is a nice project and a great collection of images. have been looking at the gems. will share the word. feel a lot more street photographers are out there who still don’t know of this.

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