I felt I owed a brief note of explanation to sevensevennine readers for my absence here recently…this is down to three main factors. I spent the first half of this year establishing a Letterpress Printing studio at my home in the French Alps, a new business venture I’m passionate about and has taken a lot of my time in researching, locating, acquiring, shipping and installing beautiful old printing presses. I have been taking instruction on how to use these beautiful old machines from an old guy on the South Coast of the UK, one of the last people who knows how to use them now.

Details of my two ton 1973 Heidelberg Printing Press.

Then I have been inundated with great commercial projects for people like Stern Magazine, Cambridge University, Ernst Young and two months following the Olympic Torch around the UK for Nature Valley…..We all need to make a buck, especially when we are starting a new business.

Waiting for the Olympic Torch, Plymouth, UK for Nature Valley.

Recruitment Ad for Ernst Young, London.

And finally…I have been working in a different way recently, concentrating on my Street Photography on a personal and more private level which has arisen out of a sense that really as Street Photographers there is nowhere really to go, no destination career wise. There is a glass ceiling that simply doesn’t restrict those with talent in other areas of photography which means that there is only really the single images…and it is to quietly finding these that I am returning as a photographer.

Essentially when all the social media and blogging Hoo Ha and talk about gear is brushed aside there is only oneself holding the recording device in a crazy busy place trying to make a moment of order or significance….that’s a lonely place to be sometimes but it’s also the only place that those single images might occasionally be.

A friend of mine recently walked away from the directorship of his successful and notable design practice here in London because he had become a manager and wanted to get back to what he originally loved, the design. He started his own small practice from home, he seized back the passion he had originally had for his craft. It takes courage to knock down the house of cards that you and others have built up around your artistic practice and get back to the focus of it all…for me…that is the search for the single image.

Street Scene, London from ‘Like Piccadilly Circus’ 2012.

So I’m here saying that my passion and belief for our unique Street Photographers approach remains absolutely undiminished, my silence is not a sign of any disillusionment, quite the contrary, it’s a sign that I am away from my computer and the online audience and back in that lonely but exciting place…The Street.

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  1. I’m amazed by your letterpress venture. As an old printmaker I love seeing this kind of ‘obsolete’ technology kept alive and treasured for it’s material beauty and craftsmanship; something that gets lost in this world of ephemeral media.

    There’s an outfit here in Nashville you might find of interest: Hatch Show Print (http://countrymusichalloffame.org/our-work/) which has been in business since the 1870’s and is now run under the auspices of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Musicians haven’t really arrived in Nashville until they’ve had a Hatch poster done. I’ve got some interior shots I can forward if you like.

  2. Thanks Harvey, I think I’ve seen a video about their woodblock letterpresses posters. It’s certainly an exciting and new venture for me, the first time I’ve found something that I enjoy as much as taking pictures.

  3. Hatch show print are great. I was there last year – they run internships and said that they get so much interest from the UK as like you say, it has almost died out there. Good luck with it.

  4. Nick,

    Love the post. At the end of the day, getting that one shot is the perfect thing to do. Putting it in a series, dressing it up with some meaning, all h\that may be useful to getting it out there, but in the end you get it or you don’t. Best regards.

  5. Nick,
    All the very best with your venture. Not sure how relevant this post is here, but I have just received your new limited magazine with the various prints included and could I just say that that was the best few quid I have spent on any photo type literature for a long time. Thank you and looking forward to future instalments (not sure if they are printed in your new studio or not?)


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