in-public and in that time 'Street Photography' has grown from a fairly marginal and little known practice to a popular and ubiquitous photographic genre. Now that we are all photographers, a huge number of images of varying quality are produced in public places and published every day. I feel very strongly about two things, one, it is time for a publication that champions the top end of the street photography that is being produced, a publication that shows us the quality and variety of what is possible...and, two, its time for a return to paper, to photographs as objects that you can hold in your hands. So last month I invited a handful of designers, photographers and writers to be involved in the first issue of PUBLICATION, five weeks later its production is under way, designers are briefed, street photographs are researched and essays are being written. The first issue, edited by me, on the theme of 'inspiration' is being produced out of London by Sarah Ewing. Visit the website to sign up for information about PUBLICATION.

Produced by Street Photographers for Street Photographers[/caption]

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  1. Excellent news! The more street photography is published, instead of existing on the web’, the more it will be accepted by the wider public, not as sometimes is the case these days, as a form of suspicious stalking.

  2. @Martin H The simple answer is ‘yes’ it’s coming along beautifully and ‘no’ its not on schedule. Because I have been abroad so much shooting a commercial commission I have not been able to meet with the designers in London to get things signed off, this has caused a delay of about five weeks. Nothing has changed, I am still totally committed to the project and I am in fact looking at a subsequent street photography book project for next year as well. As a freelance photographer I have to take the work and earn the money when it is offered.

    PUBLICATION is coming soon.

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