Anatomy of a Street Photograph #1

I am often curious about the reasons a picture is made, the trail of thoughts and events and influences that led to the photographer standing in that place at that time, pointing his lens at that subject. I am also interested in the way your perception of an image is changed with the benefit of a little knowledge, sometimes about the photographer and sometimes about the circumstances of the specific photograph.

Of all genres of Photography, it seems to me that Street Photography is the most open to the influence of circumstance and random occurance. The plans you have when leaving your front door are rarely reflected in the pictures with which you return home weary at the end of the day.

I thought I would briefly ‘unpack’ a few of my street photographs over the coming weeks. I have started with this shot, ‘Korean Air’ because it is an image about which I have probably received the most questions over the years since it was taken.

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