Shooting Strangers

I am mainly a Street Photographer, I love working in public places, either snooping around with a little camera or stopping strangers with a big camera, two assistants and lights! I post this video by way of an introduction. I think its always interesting to know who is behind the words when reading blog posts.

This was shot during a street style shoot around Saville Row in London for Menshealth Magazine. All the models are just people we stopped on the street.

3 thoughts on “Shooting Strangers”

  1. Hello, Nick,

    I got to know your work on in-public a few year ago. Glad to see that you’re running a blog, especially as a channel to us your thought and process. The “Anatomy of a Street Photograph” category is very inspiring.

    This is an interesting footage. But I’m more curious about seeing you working on your regular street work.


  2. Hi Nick

    I have a question for you:
    Do you carry around with you model release forms which you get people to sign?
    and how do they respond to this?

    Terry Emment

  3. Terry, I only get release forms signed if the pictures are commissioned as was the case for Menshealth, I don’t get release forms for my Youth and Bridge projects as I don’t need them for publication in a book or magazine or for an exhibition. I rarely have a problem with people signing them, I think you have to point out that the release from dictates the permitted usage of the pictures and therefore protects the model as well as the photographer. My policy has backfired on a couple of occasions when Ad agenices have asked to buy one of my personal pictures as happened with one of the Bridge Project portraits.

    Hope that helps and thanks for dropping by.

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